Friday, August 17, 2007

ACME labs mashup with Google maps, USGS DRGs, DOQs, and more

Got a tip off (thanks Jim!) about a clever mashup from ACME labs.. I think I actually saw this a while back but its cool to revisit! According to the developers, ACME Mapper 2.0 is a high-precision general purpose mapping application, based on Google Maps with a bunch of things added on. At first glance it looks like the vanilla google maps but look deeper and there's much more... In the upper right corner are some buttons that let you change the type of map. ACME Mapper adds the Topo and DOQ types, which are not in standard Google Maps. These come from TerraServer's Web Services. In the lower right corner you can optionally have an overview map widget. In the lower right you have the Control Panel. This lets you do all sorts of stuff. All the controls have 'tooltips', so one way to find out what something does is to move your mouse over that item - a short description will pop up. So, users can easily view a Google map of any area, a hybrid nashup, USGS topo sheet, USGS DOQ, or a color aerial photo mosaic... SWEET! See

USGS topo sheet, Fort Collins, CO