Tuesday, October 12, 2010

free web map authoring mashups from Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Gowalla and Twitter

An interesting, free, webmap authoring tool from CartoView. CartoView is a free web map authoring tool from CartoLogic that allows users to easily create web maps using Google Maps, Google Earth browser plug-in or Openlayers.
CartoView Features:
  • flexible, just download the source, include your plugins, edit the plugin configurations and you have your online map.
  • Create your custom plugin or mashup and include it with many downloadable plugins in the same map.
  • write your plugin once and use it with different online mapping apis (google maps, google earth plug-in, openlayers)
  • easily customize the look and feel of your map page with themes or select a predefined theme.
See the demo page of maps created with CartoView with mashups from Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia, Gowalla and Twitter.