Monday, October 04, 2010

The Atlas of Canada - Free Data

A reminder about this fine resource from the Canadian Government - The Atlas of Canada data provide coverage for all of Canada. Data elements are feature-coded and structurally clean. Base map components are available in five scales and in a number of data exchange formats. The 1: 1 000 000 and 1: 7 500 000 scales are the primary bases for all Atlas products. The 1: 30 000 000 scale data have been generalized from the two larger scales. Start off here at:

The Atlas of Canada base Map series includes all federal, provincial and territorial boundaries as well as the international boundaries, major road and rail transportation networks, hydrography and ice cover, a selection of populated places along with administrative, provincial and national capitals. The data is suitable for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications, electronic publishing and customized digital products.