Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World database of large urban areas 1950-2050

Showing historic estimates and future projections for cities, urban areas and megacities with more than 750000 inhabitants for 1950-2050. The data has been acquired from UN Population Division and georeferenced.
The data is available as spreadsheet/table, maps, for Google Earth, in an animation video and for GIS data download. The data has been retrieved from the UN Population Division publication and web service World Urbanization Prospects, 2007 revision, and georeferenced using a variety of sources.
The database is available for unrestricted download, under the Creative Commons 2.5 attribution license. This gives you the right to reuse and modify the data, as long as Nordpil and the UN Population Division are properly credited. See http://nordpil.com/go/resources/world-database-of-large-cities/